July 27th, 2006

Dear Internet,
I want a pug.  Anybody up for buying me one?
From, Jeff

July 23th, 2006
As I said in the previous update, the drawings page is completely redone.  Now all drawings are organized monthly.  If you would like to see previous drawings, just click on the month that drawing was created, and find the drawing.  The drawings are now updated daily. This means you can come back every day for a new drawing.  7 days a week.  364 1/4 days a year.  4839 days a 4839 days

I also put up 3 new movies.  If you have not seen the movie aquaman, then check out the first video, because neither has anybody else in the world.  If you like pugs, watch the second video for Pug Bowling.  The third video is ironic because the guy got so close.  Ahh the irony.  

July 13th, 2006

Drawings page now organized monthly.
Drawings now updated daily.

Proof God Doesn’t Like Metallica

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  1. the bird bought out the bank!

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