August 30, 2006

Why have you not been able to go to the site you ask? Well, it is because of Drew of toothpastefordinner.com.  He decided that my drawings shouldn’t be in the style of his drawings, so he decided to download all the videos and use up all my bandwidth.  There are 4 solutions to this problem, 3 of which I am not doing.

1. You email drew a bunch and ask him not to do this because you can’t copyright a style and therefore I have done nothing wrong (I didn’t steal his jokes).
2.  Somebody pay $20 a year for more bandwidth.  Its just $20, not that much at all.
3. I stop making my drawings.
4.  The site shuts down.

Also, I have a feeling Drew is going to do the same thing he did last month, so if you want to see anything, look at it at the beginning of September.  I have been too busy with trying to get the site back up [without success] to make any new drawings, although I did write some ideas down.

On a side note, I made 2 new photos just because I was bored.  Check them out in the photo section above. 

August 12, 2006
New drawings for the days I will be missing, all updated today!
So yeah, people, I have basically no more band-width left for this month.

This is a good thing, it means more and more people are coming to this site daily.  It also means that I need to pay for more bandwidth, which is expensive. If you would like, you could give me some money next time you see me so I can pay for this site.  

August 11, 2006
As of today, there have been over 5000 visitors to this site in just August alone.  If we continue at this rate, I will go over my monthly bandwidth limit, and my web server will get very mad at me.  For somebody who does not know what that means, its bad.  Almost as bad as Michael Jackson.  Almost.  Just so you get an idea of how much 5000 is, I have a link for you.  Multiply the number of dog pictures on that page and then add 5000.  That’s how many.
Whilst doing research, I stumbled upon this site.  Somebody had WAY too much time on their hands. Way too much.

August 10, 2006
Action League Now

And now peoples of the internet, I present to you, Prometheus and bob.
Seriously, check out every Prometheus and bob video.

August 9, 2006
We did it.  As of this very second (this was actually written on August 8th), this site has gotten over 4000 different visitors, just this month.  
Don’t forget about Hanz and Sebastian 2: Exploring the Deep Sea

August 8, 2006
Oh man this “new-drawing-every-day” thing is totally working out.  There are over 1000 new unique visitors.  For the layperson that means 1000 actual new people are looking at this.  At any given time, it averages about 50 people looking at it.  I wanted people to look at this, but did not expect it to catch on pretty fast. Think of the marketing capabilities! I could subtly mention words or products, and without cheetos you guys ever knowing, you would have a sudden craving or want for said product.  Camp is almost over, and that is a bummer, but guess what, I am going to Montana in a week.  What this means is that I have to work overtime in order to make 7 extra drawings so as to keep on track with my “new-drawing-every-day” gimmick.  Email me about anything.  Seriously.  If you read this far you obviously are really bored, so take a couple of seconds and email me.  I promise I will respond.

August 7, 2006

August 6, 2006

Why is this baby so happy? Because he was looking at the drawings.
Or maybe he was looking at Travis Pastrana complete a double backflip on a motorcycle.

August 5, 2006
Thanks to the emails I got about the new video.  Although I must say, I don’t know any of the people who emailed me, but thanks for doing it.  You know I love feedback.  Although, I was skeptical about that one email, but do not worry Mr. Mutimbu, your 11,000 dollars will go to the bank account, and you can give me the money from there.  If the previous sentence seems totally random to you, then you should read this so you do not get email scammed you loony.

August 4, 2006
After months and months of continuous slave labor and a few deaths, the much anticipated Hanz and Sebastian return for an exciting new adventure.  It is 4 minutes and 42 seconds of pure amazement.  Click the image on the left to view it.  Even though editing the video is time consuming, I still found the time to add a new drawing.  Why are you still reading this. Go watch it.
In other news I am still updating the drawings daily, which is going just great.  The information shows I have well over 100 people that are returning every single day simply to check the drawings.  Don’t be left out, get them while they are hot.  If you haven’t seen the original, here is a link to Hanz and Sebastian Do Antarctarctitcttica

August 3, 2006
Looking at the past 3 days, this is beginning to look like an internet blog.  Anyway, I am making this update about some sites that you should visit.  Why should you visit them? Well, because they are funny. “YTMND.com” It stands for you’re the man now dog, and is based off of a quote of Sean Connery.  Over 30,000 creations made as of today, and the numbers continue to grow.  More Sites To Come.

August 2, 2006
Looking at the past updates, we see indisputable proof that this site is getting more popular.  If you googled waffles on February 13, 2006, you would see that the drawing I did was on the second page.  However, if you google “waffles” now, not only am I on the first page, but I am the fourth image.  No need for tiresome scrolling, its right there.  I have provided a link for the lazy ones among us.  Thanks to the email-pal who emailed me pointing that out.  

August 1, 2006
So far it’s working.  I have been updating the site daily with new drawings and will continue to do it, and look at the numbers grow.  No seriously a lot more people are checking this daily, which surprises me.  Its hard to get a new drawing every day because I am busy, but I do it for you people of the internet.  It is hard though.  Go ahead, right now, try to right a comic that will please the internet in some way.  Alright, now that you have written your comic, scan it and email it to me.  New additions are coming soon, and they are going to be medium.  Usually I would say big, but the truth is that they are not that big, just medium.  A while ago I posted a ton of new flash files that are interesting to look at if you’re bored.  If you haven’t seen them yet, the pictures of when I went to Costa Rica are now up, and you can view them by clicking the link in the Past Updates section.  In smaller news, I decided that I am going to watermark my drawings starting on the second of August.  This is due to the fact that the “waffles” drawings is watermarked, and is pretty popular and rakes people into the site.

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