October 31, 2006

It is Halloween.  I have a new way to get candy, that is a lot quicker and faster.  Instead of everybody going out to other people’s houses and walking miles just for candy, I have devised a way for everyone to get candy, but without all the walking.  All you have to do is instead of going out to get candy, just take the candy that you are going to give to trick-or-treaters.  Its flawless.
The google ads are working out surprisingly nicely.  Scratch that, very nicely.
I had made a mental note to ask the question of if I got an RSS feed, how many people would subscribe to it, and then I would ask you to email me if you would so I would have an idea, but then I realized that I honestly have no idea what RSS is.

The Google Takeover Part 2
October 30, 2006

As you can see, there are new advertisements on the site.  This is in order to increase profit for me.  You see, the way this works is every time that you click on an add to the left or the right of this, I make money.  It is that simple.  Now, this is not encouraging you to do so, I am simply stating that if you click on those ads, I will make money, which will be used to make this site better and better.  Who knows though, perhaps you actually want to click on those ads.  Maybe you do want to know about NICE AFFORDABLE HOTELS IN CANCUN.

Yes, the ads do mess with the look of the website a little, but it is a small price to pay for the help it will get in funding this website.  

The Google Takeover
October 29, 2006

Despite what you may think at first glance, this article is not about how Google is monopolizing everything that has to do with electricity and wires.  Instead, it is about how Google is making my life so much simpler, using simply two programs.  Gmail and Google desktop.  Gmail is nice just because of the sleek look, and the way it organizes all my emails into nice little sub categories so I do not have to sort through all of them.
The real jewel is Google Desktop.  I have wanted to have this for a while, but had never gotten the time to get it.  The best part is that it is completely customizable.  I personally enjoy the to do list and scratchpad, as well as the instant email alerts and most popular web clips.  It does all the internet work for me.  Really, I have very little to do.  I don’t have to go all around the internet scrounging for the very funniest and best, I just wait and click.
Ooh! Man throws dog over fence!!! Sounds interesting.  Munich migrating to Linux? What is this? I must click!
The only thing that is missing is an order food bar.  Then, I would never have to even leave my computer.  Ever.

LINKS: Gmail and Google Desktop

The Updates
October 27, 2006

‘Tis a Friday, and that means that it is time for the weekly Friday update that has never occurred until now, and most likely will cease to exist after this post.  A video has recently resurfaced to me, and was the basis for all of the drawings on this site.  Also, this video is the most underrated video on the internet. l think it is in your best interests to view it right now.
Speaking of the drawings, I am thinking of reintroducing the drawing a day idea.  It caught on last time I did it, but had to be forced down considering a certain someone decided that my website was too much a copy of another, and this certain someone attempted to shut it down.  

The Updates
October 26, 2006

Almost a week of no updates.  Too bad, it could have been an October record.  Well, the numbers visiting this site daily continue to grow.
Recently I have been putting my iTunes on shuffle, and finding new life within my computer. Try it, and see what happens.
Although I am not quite sure what it is, this is about as mesmerizing as the internet can get.  Play around with it and see what happens.  

The Updates
October 19, 2006

Yes.  The answer is yes.   I have now made it so any emails that I get that say the words “title” and “menu” in the subject get a direct speedpass to my spambox.  Granted, a lot of those emails have nothing to do with this site, but are pure spam.  I know of the fact that the top menu bar stays at the top.  I did this on purpose.  If you want to go to a new page, type it in in the URL typing area; you know, that box at the top where you type http:// even though nobody knows what that means.  It is handy to just click the menu at the top, and any updates can quickly be displayed there.  

The Updates
October 18, 2006

I finished all my work for this week and felt the need to update.  There is no need to update, for there is nothing new.
However, if you are bored, you can try to beat my score by going to this website.  First person to beat my score will win a slightly used green iPod shuffle!*  If you beat my score, you must email me a screenshot as proof.  Go ahead, how hard can it be.
You can tell a lot by a screenshot.  Like what one should have been doing instead of playing a game.

*No you won’t.

The Updates
October 17, 2006
Future Update.  I frequently update on the day before I state above, but by the time you read it, it will be the 17th.  I manage to trick you a lot by doing this, and only I am able to detect it.  However, the more you check back, the easier it will be to catch me pulling this dastardly little trick.

Anyway, onto a new subject.  The Archives are now up and complete, and they look fantastic.  Really.  All fancy and arranged.  I was bored one day and decided to do it seeing as I had been asked a couple times to do so.  If you ask, I might do.  So go ahead, email me and ask me something, and I just might do some crazy thing.

If you know of anything that is not working on the site, email me about it and I will get back to you.  

The Updates
October 16, 2006
Skipped a day.  I figure that I should write a little because I just finished my homework and have a little bit of free time.  I somehow ended up listening to Jimi Hendrix, and it left me feeling very puzzled.  Everyone talks of how he is such a great guitarist, but from a song I have, it appears that he is err, different.

Take a listen to Wild Thing, or at least the last 3 minutes of it.  Tell me after listening to the last 3 minutes if you still think it is amazing.
Please note that I am bound to be breaking some sort of copyright infringement or law or something by hosting this file on the internet, and as I have gotten music complaints before about hosting files, this file will not be downloadable forever.  Get it while you can.

The Updates
October 14, 2006
This site should be totally and completely on a new server now, and it should be very fast.  I am making more space as well, deleting pictures that are not used and such.  If you see anything that is wrong, or just want to email me, feel free.  
 I uploaded a new video to Youtube.  Watch it twice, once just for kicks, and the second time to see if you can see me in it.  I’m hiding.  

October 13, 2006
Watching who wants to be a millionaire, I was reminded of a moment that will haunt a young woman for the rest of her life.  Well, she’s not that young, she’s 32, and Kathy Evans will forever be known as the dumbest person in the world.  Why? Lets have a look.  The question:
�Which of the following is the largest?�
A) A Peanut
B) An Elephant
C) The Moon
D) Hey, who you calling large?

Now it is explainable how one might not know the answer straight off the get-go.  There was a man on the moon, and men do ride on elephants.  She used her 50/50, which got rid of the A and D.  She was then left with the difficult task of choosing what had more mass, land mammal, or something that weighs 1/81st the weight of the entire earth.  However, she was now even more confused, for the answers that she was leaning towards were A and D.
She phoned a friend, who immediately answered “The moon”.  Kathy then argued with her friend about the answer.
�Come on Betsy, are you sure?� said Evans. �How sure are you? Puh, that can�t be it.�  The statement that caught my attention was �I just don�t know if I can trust Betsy. She�s not all that bright.”  Upon using her final lifeline, 98% of the audience agreed it was the moon.
Still, Evans was unsure.  She decided to go with her gut.

She actually answered “an elephant”.  How could she live for 32 years on earth, and not know this answer? [Source]

October 12, 2006
How do the guys at Guinness World Records get their jobs?  I mean, do they want to work there? Do they wake up one day when they are 7 and be like “I WANT TO COUNT HOW MANY SHIRTS A GUY CAN PUT ON HIMSELF IN AN HOUR!” IT’S GONNA BE GREAT!”  Furthermore, what is the motivation for the people who work at Guinness to get up in the morning.  “Sorry honey, don’t have time for breakfast, I have to measure the girth of a man’s ankle.”
What kind of questions would Guinness ask in their job interviews; Do you enjoy counting large numbers?  Do you enjoy watching people bounce up and down on pogo sticks for hours?  I mean, there has got to be some question in the interview that is totally farfetched .”Have you ever kissed 32 pythons in 45 minutes?”

If I were to set a Guinness record, it would be the best record ever.  It wouldn’t be like that Hey Arnold episode where they try to break all the records, but fail, and then Gerald is all like “I know what record we broke”, and it turned out it was just the record of the most attempts at breaking a record.  No siree, it would be big.  I am not sure what it would be though.  It would have to be something that would be easy too.  It couldn’t go for too long, because I would have to eat.  I could set the record for most seconds watching television, but with occasional breaks for sleep and eating, and restroom needs.  Yeah thats it.  It’ll be great.  I’ll get a plaque and everything.  

October 7, 2006
My computer clock is continually getting slower and slower, and I am really too lazy to go down there and change it.  

Love it
October 4, 2006
bushadvertisement.jpg (26977 bytes)
Sweet picture choice National Opinion Poll.
“Its the National Opinion Poll, it must be legitimate!” “Quick, give them what they want.”

I am continually getting 17 minutes of my life back
October 3, 2006
For some reason, my computer clock is wrong.  Its not just off by a little though, its off by 17 minutes.  Its 17 minutes fast.  I look at my clock, and panic because it tells me that its 8:05.  I start to panic, until I look at my watch to double check, and then think “Oh, yeah.  That clock’s fast.  My lifes 17 minutes longer.”  I know its not actually 17 minutes longer, but it makes me feel good.
I’m really not sure on what to do with all this extra free time I’m getting.  Books are supposed to be good time wasters.   

A few minutes out of my day
October 2, 2006
Parliment.  Parliament. Parliemant.  Parlemant. I just can’t type that word correctly.  FUN FACT: Typewriter is the longest word you can type only using the top row of the keyboard.  Its raining outside, so I felt like this would be a good time to update.
[5 minutes later]
Well, it was raining.  It is now hailing, and I decided to take a video of it.  But lets be honest, how many of you would actually care about hail in my backyard.
[A few minutes later]
Oh there it is.  I think that frustrated tone in my mother’s voice means that the basement has once again flooded.  This is not good.  Last time this happened, I ended up with the unique opportunity to soak up water in my basement with old towels and lose my homework on my computer.  

October 1, 2006
New site design is up.  There is now a frame at the top for easy navigation.  It also makes it easier for me to update that with upcoming links.  There is a new link there labeled miscellaneous.  This is for all the articles and other various things that have come and gone on the site.  If you are getting any errors on the site, please feel free to contact me with the error, as well as what web browser you are using (ex: Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and I will get back to you.
Many thanks to Aaron for the web hosting.