You can’t copyright a style Mr. Drew
November 8, 2006

This is going to be a long update, so bear with it.  It is concerning why jeffkillian.com was taken down, what happened, and who did it.  If you do not care, then simply stop reading and start again below the horizontal line a little bit below this.

EDIT: Entry Removed. For full entry without censorship, email me. 
The drawings/photos are still occurring daily, and already there is an increase in daily traffic.  I am in the middle of combining both the sections into one daily photo/drawing section.   

November 7, 2006

Uh oh.  For some reason, Google has decided to withdraw the Google ads.  Apparently, they think that I did something wrong in terms of profiting from these ads.  As for now, all the earnings are lost.  This is believed to be due to some people clicking the ads millions of times.  I have emailed Google requesting that they realize that this was not my fault, and instead decide to let me have the ads on again.

The New DRAWINGS/PHOTOS page is up.

November 6, 2006

I have decided to re-introduce the photos section.  However, it will not be possible to do both daily photos and drawings so instead, there will be one or the other.  If you prefer one over the other, email me. I might end up only doing one daily, and it is up to you to decide. 

November 5, 2006

Downloads are no more.  Why? Well, I was looking at them and then realized, “who in their right minds would actually use them”.  The answer that I came to was no one.  Honestly, if I saw them, I wouldn’t even want them.  That is why I put them in the the Misc. section.  

How to have fun when you have A.D.D
November 4, 2006

Having A.D.D, I find that many things are much more interesting than they should be.  The most recent example was when I went into Carson’s and was mesmerized by the shiny jewelry.  There were reflections on walls, on ceilings, on people’s faces, everywhere!  It was a sight for sore eyes.

It is because of this that I have decided that I am going to be a Carson’s security guard when I grow up.  I will be inside that store all night, with nothing to do.  Well, the normal person would have nothing to do.  Me, on the other hand, would take advantage of the fact that I have a flashlight in a dimly lit store, and every artifact of happiness inside the jewelry department is just waiting to have light shed upon it.  Really.  It would be amazing. 

November 4, 2006

The comics have been going daily as planned.  

November 3, 2006

As you see at the top of this table, this is a blog.  I tried to incorporate blogger.com into this, but it just did not work.  You can view the failed blog hereIt is just the lorem ipsum dolem trial, and nothing really good.  One reason that I wanted to use blogger was that in firefox, for some reason, this page does not show up correctly.  In internet explorer, around this white text box there is a think black line.  Instead of displaying the line, firefox just kinda blends all the colors together in a mushed peas sort of way– it looks really weird.  

Teh Comics!!!111!one!!
November 2, 2006

May I remind you that the comic is updated. 

They’re back
November 1, 2006

After a two month break, the daily comics are back.  Come back every day to see new ones.  Also, the archive system of the comics is completely revolutionized.  Now you can see the comics sorted by date that they appeared.  This is a much better way to organize the comics.  I am making minor changes here and there, but otherwise, this site is pretty smooth.  I am still working on the formatting so it is best viewed in all sorts of browsers (mostly just Firefox though).  

Read all the updates on the frontpage? Check out past updates in the Archives section.


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