Wow, are there a lot of updates

Its good though. Right? Gives you something to do on the big, boring ol’ internet. 

Ever found that you were busy doing something on your computer, and were too lazy to change the song playing in the background of Itunes.  That is currently happening while I am writing this.  I am too lazy to do any of the following:

1. Move my mouse 3 inches in order to reach the pause button on the Foxytunes add on installed on Firefox. (BTW I highly reccomend getting Foxytunes.  It is extremely helpful.)
2. Move my mouse 2 inches, and then 4 inches in order to actually open up iTunes and pause it.
3.  Reach 2 feet to the left of my computer and turn the volume down.
4.  Get a life and stop staring at this piece of plastic and glass. 

I am pathetic. 

On the subject of itunes and music, I thought I would talk of the new additions on the 5g (5th generation) ipod, which are the 30 gigabyte and 60 gigabyte video ipods.  As of now, if you buy a video ipod, it will come with a search function, and a brightness option.  For current owners of the 5g ipods, you can only get the search function. 

More can be found at One Digital Life


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