Search function can’t be found.

As of right now, Apple has stopped making the 60 gigabyte iPod, and is replacing it with an 80 gigabyte.  This 80 gigabyte costs less than the old 60 gigabyte.  Doesn’t make sense to me, but apparently it does to Apple.

Something that is new that comes with the recent iPods is a brightness control so you do not eat up all your battery life.  This is also available to the older video ipods in the form of an iPod update.

Another thing that is new about the 5g Video iPods is the search function.  On all newer 30 gigabyte and 80 gigabyte iPods, there is a handy search function that looks like something to the effect of this:

[Click to enlarge]

The only problem with this is that the search function is not available for the old 5g (5th generation) iPods.  That is right.  If you owned a video ipod prior to this month you are not able to get implement the search function into your iPod, even if you download the latest software.  This is creating quite a buzz with the owners of the old video ipods.

More can be found at One Digital Life

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