Why is the internet addictive?

The main reason that the internet is addictive is because it is constantly updated.  Every second, dozens of new videos are uploaded to youtube in hopes that they will become the next big internet meme.  And you, being the bored and intelligent individual that you are, are required by your mind to do your daily browsing of the internet, checking the same pages you check every day.  Why do you check these? Well, it is a way to get away from writing that report or doing homework, but it is extremely easy and entertaining.  This was made even easier by RSS, which puts all your favorite updated sites on the same exact page so you can view what would normally take you minutes in a few seconds.  This site even has an RSS, and you can subscribe to it if you would like
    Look at yourself right now, you are reading this blog, which shows the extent of your boredom.  In the process of reading this sentence, your eyes have reduced in their clarity.  That is what computers do to you.  Now go read a book.

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