This guy flies.

Take a Listen

You either get this, or you don’t


And now it’s time for a special edition of “Find the Emo.”

Readers; I challenge you! Make your own edition of “Find the emo” through Photoshop, or any other photo editing program! Email it to me, or post a link to the picture via a comment to this post!

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Youtube – Crazy Video

The video below is an instructional video on what to do if you are a Foreign tourist traveling in America. Make sure to get the key phrases “spare me my life”, “take anything you want”, and “I was robbed by two men”.

Winterbells – Completely beaten

Its all about the birds.
Basically, my score got so high that even though each bell was worth 11600 points, (that’s when I fell), the game limits the amount of characters in the score to 17. Each time I got a bell, the score would not always change because the game could not show the first digits of the number. It did after about every 10 bells. This means that my score was (rounding down) somewhere around 7,531,195,809,589,061,900,000. That is 7 sextillion points. Go ahead, try to beat my score. Leave a comment.
P.S. I have no idea how to use photoshop. I also have a witness. So get rid of that theory.



Winterbells is still addicting.  Ricky currently beat my score with 152 billion. Picture coming.


If you have not tried yet, you should play winterbells.
That is the highest I have gotten so far. If you get higher, post a screen shot, and I will put it up.