Winterbells – Completely beaten

Its all about the birds.
Basically, my score got so high that even though each bell was worth 11600 points, (that’s when I fell), the game limits the amount of characters in the score to 17. Each time I got a bell, the score would not always change because the game could not show the first digits of the number. It did after about every 10 bells. This means that my score was (rounding down) somewhere around 7,531,195,809,589,061,900,000. That is 7 sextillion points. Go ahead, try to beat my score. Leave a comment.
P.S. I have no idea how to use photoshop. I also have a witness. So get rid of that theory.

83 Responses

  1. I hope the little rabbit landed safely. I purposely kept my scores low so the bunny wouldn’t get hurt–no really, it’s true!

  2. Wow!

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  4. LOL nice score, I only reached the 1,3 billion.:(

  5. crap…i thought i had a good score with 50,555,000,000,000,000 (rounded)…i am shamed

  6. hi I got 34 942 838 125 527 519
    the last bells gave me 9000.
    but as you say it must be more, bacause the limit is 17.

  7. yeah, the score counter can’t keep up with you… i have no idea how many points i actually had, but each bell gave me over 18k.

  8. I used the mozilla browser when I busted out a high score for me with an 11200 score for a bell which also included one missed bird.

    I thought the over 17 digit high score could be hidden in a website cookie, but could not find one.

    I would like to find some other way of telling me the exact score I got. I think it was 19-20 digits in length.

  9. my score was 93,819,474,907,907,718

  10. I was getting 19,400 per bell when i died. I’m so pissed that it doesn’t go past 17 digits, i could only imagine what my score would’ve been like. :/… Pic of the 17 digit number:

    Wished i took a screenie while it was 19k per bell, too bad i didn’t know it would not post my full score.

  11. my score was 25000 per bell, beat that 😉

  12. My top score was about 704 quattuordecillion or over 27,600 points per bell.

  13. is that even a real number?!

  14. I love to see people claiming just a little bit higher than the last person. No one will beat my score though.

    I RESET the counter. I doubt any of you got that far.

  15. Yes it’s a real number. Here is a link that will show you the names of numbers starting at a thousand and increasing by multiples of one thousand.

    I beat my previous score of 27,600 points per bell by getting a score of a little over 32,000 points per bell or 3.12 octodecillion.

    The highest score that anyone has claimed to have recieved (to my knowledge) is 40,000 points per bell. I believe is in the quattuorvigintillion range.

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  18. dude i was 1 digit away from the your score just 1 i u dont belive me come at my house 130 congress 1# mass

  19. shut aho any game ill bit u halo2 halo3 halo and winterbells to

  20. The best I’ve done is get 10.2k points per bell, and this was counting the repetitions on the resets. I counted 9 resets, or 9 extra zeros to add onto the end of my 17 character score. So, the person who wrote the article is off by quite a bit, maybe 4-6 zeros.

  21. I got the world s best record on winterbells……
    wait for it…………….
    ……..67.000……..per bell…….am i best or what ey.

  22. 67.000 points per bell. for god sake it got to be the best highscore in the world.

  23. i got

  24. 70 thoousand per bell i played 4 and a hlaf hours str8 no pee breaks allowedddd

  25. i played for like 2 and a half hours ,
    and i don’t believe u.
    and i have picture when i was up there i have proof.

  26. bläääääää

  27. 13 hours straight . 11 AM to 1 AM the following day.

  28. Congrats Tyrellious! You are now officially the lamest nerd walking this planet, good job limpdick.

    I hope it wasn’t worth the time, really.

  29. yeah well you think you scores are good you liars my score was;
    23678986532509873702209876598 per bell. beat that suckers, played 23 hours straight

  30. wow you guys are officially the biggest fags in the world…i just play winterbells in study hall at school and got to the 17 digit point and kept goin for a while….but how the hell do you play for hours on end…do you have no friends or life? wow….you guys are epic fail

  31. poopeyplex FTL

  32. I got so far that getting new bells caused the game to crash and the bunny began to warp and eat pixels.

    I played for three months straight without eating or pooping or blinking and my score was somewhere in the six infinity range

  33. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  34. Please, I got like 99999 points per bell, and thats the max u can go. theres no such thing as restarting the score and all. 99999 per bell, the bells got so tiny that u ccould easily confuse it with the snowflakes. yeah, and with that I proudly claim myself as the bunny champion.

  35. It does not matter how much you get per a bell. If you only get 50 bells but a LOT of birds you can get a really high score. the points per bell does not matter in the end.

  36. I got every bird and 10^10^10^10^10^… per bell. Not. My high score is 79,000 something! My low score is 10.

  37. First i was really proud with my highscore of 78.158.705.503.369.720, and about 10.000 per bell, but since i heard your comments… man NICE DUDES!!!
    hail to the best game ever 😛

  38. i beat your score. i got to 19k per bell. it was yesterday. it wasn’t hard.

    here’s the screens.

    score: … korfg6.jpg

    the score is times 10^32 as you can see. but it’s not the highest of course.

  39. Lmao you can tell its photoshopped theres a box around the numbers. :/




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  44. I too realized that the Winterbells game only kept score through 17 places. It is a simple game just as long as you concentrate on hitting the birds. Counting bells is meaningless. The bells are just a means to get to the birds. I can reach the maximum in a matter of minutes – anyone who would play longer is just an idiot!

  45. i scored 1,002,260 and thought i was doing pretty good lol~

  46. I played this game for a while and got quite good…don’t know what my score would’ve been,but my poor bunny fell for three days straight afterward….

  47. Dang nuggets.
    I got 248,671,140 points and I thought that was good.

  48. I beat your high score. The strategy I used was to just hit every bell without missing. That way you have way more points when you start getting higher, because the size of the bells depends upon your height, not your score. My score was 96,478,182,983,374,489

  49. each bell at 32k+

    just got that today.. was pretty disappointed to find out that the high score had a limit of 17 digits =/ googled winterbells high score then found this blog lol

  50. All of you guys… It is just my second day playing this game and i got 95880947999804863

  51. the high score is 75000 per bell. Game over 😦

  52. look it up on youtube

  53. All you kids that say you get 25000 per bell i would love to see you actually video your sessions of the game cause i got to 12500 per bell and got bored and ended it. If you are playing this game for 13 hours straight you should just go ahead and shoot yourself in the face right now. in 1 class period in school i got 9.8 trillion with it being rounded down 26 more birds after 9.8 trillion first showed up and ill video it too ;0

  54. omg! My high score was over 300,000 lol, thats nothing compared to your sixtillion or whatever lol Congrats!

  55. oh and i play this alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time in school lol thats usually the only time i play 😛

  56. Using the birds is dumb. Anyone can get a high score using those. Try not using them and see what your high score is then.

  57. I have been playing Winterbells since the day I was born. My score is still increasing. I am invincible.


    14k per bell on facebook app. cy@

  59. you probably just used screen capture and then stuck the number there afterwards.

    waste of time man.

  60. um guys, i got up around 35k per bell, how high would that be?

  61. Damn. I got a high score of 266,595,520. 😀

    You good you. Some guy got a high score of 75,000. PER BELL.

  62. I Love This Game, But Seriously, You Guys Are Losers i dont see how you can even keep your hand on the mouse for that long

  63. my highest score is 366030

  64. My high score is 54,675,143,407,470

  65. i love it my high score is 54,675,143,407,470.


  67. tyler you fucking piece of shit shut the fuck up you greedy nigger communist disabled lesbian dwarf jew! I fucking got 445600 points per bell when I was done in just half an hour so suck my cock you dumb jew! Kill yourself.

  68. Congrats! I love this game! It’s so addictive! I have only gotten to 5 billion so far. I can’t wiat to try and get as far as you.

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  70. hey bunnier, prove it bitch atleast this guys got a pic

  71. ihr lügner gebt ma n cheat

  72. i just got 63,130,279,474,757,885,726,803,623,936 at 15k per bell. it was awesome.

  73. that’s sixty-three octillion, rounded down.

  74. It took me just over a day to write a bot that could play the game forever.

  75. Dude my record was 3 digits more its 30 decillion, some people dont beleive thats a number but it is. or its 300,000 quintillion.

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  79. So I legitimately think I have the world record or one of the top for this game….I’ve had this record for a couple years now and thought there was some crazy guy out there who stomped me, but upon looking I can’t find any score higher than mine. Let me know if I’m just retarded and there is someone out there who has beaten me.


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